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Knowing your customers is key: quizzes help you get there. Schedule some time with Digioh's eCommerce experts to discover how you can:
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Gather consumer-consented data
  • Create a unique concierge customer experience
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help the wanderer

Your Quiz is the Guide

eCommerce quizzes listen to the customer. They give expert recommendations to meet the customer's need & guide the wandering visitor down the sales funnel and through checkout.

  • Provide concierge-level service
  • Get to know your ICP
  • Increase sales & email acquisition
understand the individual

Your Quiz Gives the Answers

The right size on the first purchase. The right flavors for the picky eaters. The right supplements to cure the imbalanced. The right design for the unique.

Everyone deserves a custom experience. Your quiz makes that possible.

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"Our new quiz increased our eCommerce conversion rate by 2.2X and completely changed how we market our business."

Johnii Barbarino

Direct of eCommerce, JAXXON